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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Business websites built with a responsive web design technique is more visible, engaging and profitable. Responsive web design (RWD) is a technique wherein sites are created offering maximum viewing experience, eschewing the need for excessive scrolling or resizing. A business website built with RWD is offers the same user experience across all access platforms such as desktops, laptops and smartphones.

The proliferation of tablets and smartphone devices makes it mandatory for business websites to be fully accessible across all platforms. If your website follows RWD guidelines, it contributes towards brand building. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to create a separate website for tablets and mobiles, saving time, money and resources.

RWD technology is the future of web design. In short, a website built on responsive web design technology offers a seamless user experience and conveys consistent brand message.

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Why Choose Expert Web Design?

Expert Web Design has a strong team backup that prides itself in creating aesthetically appealing and business oriented websites using responsive design. We have numerous satisfied clients to support our claims. If you already have a site, we use development techniques to convert it into a responsive site or build a website from the beginning and meet all the web design recommendations preferred by Google.

According to Google, responsive sites are "sites that serve all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices". Our team uses fluid graphics and layouts to optimize a website using browser width and determining its display according to four accessing devices: laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.

User friendliness, presentation style, website design, website performance and content clarity are some important factors we focus on while creating a site using responsive web design.

Our focus factors in detail:

  • Website Structure

The architecture of the website should be targeted towards intended users and customers. The layout and functionalities are determined by our team in the planning and development phase. It is important to display only those elements on the website which are essential for seamless user experience.

  • Website Navigation

As an online business owner, you have a maximum of 4 seconds to retain a visitor. A visitor moves away from a website due to many reasons. The primary reason is the lack of clear navigation. Our team ensures that the business objectives are first understood and accordingly, the navigation channel is developed.

  • Clear Purpose

A website with ambiguous intent is a business killer. When we receive briefs from the client, the team goes into detail over the purpose of the website and how the client envisions it taking life. Based on these inputs, a test model is created for approval. It is important that the first look of the website should signify its purpose. For instance, if it is an online shop, having the shopping cart and checkout buttons are significant.

  • Content Clarity

A responsive web design ensures that the content follows right placement and readability. Most web designers commit common design flaws that make content placement awkward. For instance, if the website is largely text-based, displaying typefaces and extravagant colours would weaken the whole layout. Our team ensures that the content is optimally placed without being glaring or 'in the face'.

  • Website Usability

By usability, we mean the ease with which a user recognizes navigational parameters and engages with the website. It is a creative thought to opt for a completely different user experience but it might backfire if this entails a high learning curve for the average user. Therefore, what we do is stick to the conventional approach, giving our twist as and when deemed necessary.

  • Colors

Color palettes influence the user – a proven fact. For instance, the red color implies a sense of urgency and seriousness; the purple color implies royalty and luxury. The team ensures that the design, style, colouring and presentation are consistent with the brand image and the message it wishes to convey.

There are hardly any websites these days that does not follow the responsive web design trend. It is a trend that will be long-lived. Apart from the usability factors of RWD, our team conforms to all the requirements expected by Google Inc. It is a fact that any online business depends heavily on Google and it is a doubly proven fact that websites with responsive web design see better search engine rankings. Needless to say, using the RWD technology on your business website is one of the key measures to beat competition, prioritize brand visibility and improve revenue.


Since each business has its own needs, we don't offer any fixed pricing. Kindly call us at the number given below and tell us about the business and your requirements. We will analyze the requirements and get back with a custom quote.

Expert Web Design provide very affordable web solutions with professional results to suit your budget

We cater for sole traders, small to medium enterprises and startups.

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