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A business website that doesn't follow search engine optimization (SEO) rules is doomed for eternity among millions of similar websites scavenging to make a decent dollar and run a business!

Indeed, it is a harsh statement but it states a fact. If you want to make success out of your online business venture, it is mandatory to hire SEO services.

Expert Web Design is a full-fledged web designing and development company in Preston, Lancashire. Our search engine optimization services are aimed towards both local businesses based in Preston and an international clientele who are looking for an affordable and performance-oriented method to improve or begin their business journey online. The term, SEO, is a conglomeration of various techniques used by our SEO team to improve business visibility on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Expert SEO provide solutions with professional results to suit your budget

SEO Preston – How it benefits YOU?

The intention of an online business is to reach a targeted consumer base. Our SEO strategies are fully tested, offering long-lasting results rather than temporary boost in search engine rankings of chosen keywords. A properly SEO'ed website goes a long way in achieving better website ranking, targeted traffic and improved business sales.

Over the years, clients availing our SEO services have experienced long-lasting search engine positions and improved business sales. We employ effective and meaningful SEO techniques accepted by search engine giants like Google. No black-hat techniques are employed.

Why Choose Expert Web Design?

Choosing our SEO packages offers three optimal benefits:

  • Traffic

With hundreds of websites coming into existence daily, it is a tough battle out there to capture and reach a target market. Your business will have competitors from day one. Our agenda is to understand and reach out to the intended customer base by ranking targeted keywords high on the search engine visibility scale.

You can only convert the incoming traffic into paying customers only when people know about the existence of your business. How does that happen? We do it. Our custom SEO packages take the business website and reaches new audiences every day.

  • New Customers

Our SEO service gets your business new customers. SEO is not only about ranking keywords. A website needs to follow on-page SEO factors that convert visitors into paying leads. Expert Web Design offers performance-oriented marketing campaign and website development strategies adhering to recommended SEO factors.

In short, we optimize your business website such that visitors want to become business customers.

  • Brand Building

Whether online or offline, a business survives only with a strong brand presence. Our team works with your business team to develop a marketing strategy, crafting a successful brand story. We create a custom marketing strategy that resonates with the business image and personality. The marketing strategy is targeted towards a certain audience base who is your potential business customer.

SEO Preston – Expert Web Design Working Process

In brief, there are three stages the team at Expert Web Design follows:

  • Research and Consultation

Our SEO team communicates with your representatives for some consultation session, with the purpose to understand the current business situation and online presence. The team goes into search visibility and performance reports.

We research the market presence and talk about your business marketing goals. Once these are clear, a custom search engine marketing report is prepared, highlighting the present state of marketing and the estimated results after initiating the search engine marketing process. The research and consultant phase takes quite a bit of time as we need to be sure about business goals and prepare strategies to achieve the goals.

  • Campaign Setup

The next step is the campaign setup. SEO consists of various elements like on-page website setup and boosting keyword ranking through techniques like guest blogging, product reviews, social media exposure, directory submissions and more.

As always, the SEO campaign is optimized to suit your business visibility needs. If the business website already exists, we go into its technicalities and ensure the website conforms to SEO elements.

  • Monitoring ROI and Analytics

SEO is not a short-term but a long-term objective. Implementation of accurate SEO measures gives long-lasting results and this is what we offer to our clients. To measure progress, we use custom software to track and monitor analytics and performance. This is a never ending process and happens over weeks and months. We ensure optimum return on investment (ROI) for your search engine optimization spends.

As reports pour in, we tweak the campaign to ensure the best possible results. Report is handed over to your business representation at pre-decided intervals.


Since each business has its own needs, we don't offer any fixed pricing. Kindly call us at the number given below and tell us about the business and your requirements. We will analyze the requirements and get back with a custom quote.

Expert Web Design provide very affordable web solutions with professional results to suit your budget

We cater for sole traders, small to medium enterprises and startups.

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